Best Family Dentist in Worth, IL

We focus on preventive care to head off potential caries before they become painful and expensive problems.

Looking For A Family Dentist Near You?

For over forty-nine years, families from all over the southern suburbs have relied on this office for their dental needs.

Dr. Kadir loves meeting people who came to the practice as children and now bring their families to the office. We warmly welcome patients of all ages.

We also offer block scheduling so you can bring your entire family to be seen by our dentist in one visit. Our office is conveniently located on Harlem Ave with on-site parking available.
For your convenience, we also have late evening and Saturday hours.

We thank you for choosing Worthy Smiles as your family’s dental home and we know you will appreciate the individualized care you receive when you choose us.

Best Family Dentist in Worth, IL

A Family Dentist you can trust!

A family dentist, as the name implies, is a dentist that is like another citizen in your cozy family. He/she has been there for you and your dental problems since your childhood and has served for your parents and siblings as well. The ice cream he/she treats you to after your regular appointments is one of the rare, memorable things that you take from your childhood into adulthood. Meeting your family dentist is like hanging around with that cool aunt or uncle—- albeit this one might tweak your teeth and make your mouth bleed.

What to expect at a family dentist

Is it your first time going to the family dentist? Or did you never have one but now that you are starting a family of your own you want to know what is waiting for you behind the wall? Well, don’t you worry for the things that distinguish a family dentist are only a handful.

Since the family dentist primarily focuses on maintaining your oral hygiene and practices preventive dentistry, the services that he/she might provide can include the following:

  • Regular check-ups twice a year at least: These visits will give the dentist insight into any new potential disease on the rise or any preventive prescription that might help you in any other regard.
  • Orthodontics: Some, not all, may offer orthodontic services that you can avail
  • Cavity fillings
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Fluoride treatments and the use of sealants to fight against cavity

Family Dentistry Vs. General Dentistry

The family dentist is not very different from the general dentist: they both need specific qualifications and offer similar services. Where these two strikingly similar professions diverge is in the fact that the family dentist specializes in treating all ages. Unlike general dentists, family dentists have to be in an educative and instructive role continuously. They have to regularly be in contact and be aware of their patient’s condition through childhood, teenage years, and possibly adulthood. Their approach, thus, towards the patient has to be milder, gentler, and more instructive than a general dentist might be. Therefore, a positive and homely environment is more crucial to family dentistry than general dentistry.

Advantages of Having a Family Dentist

Apart from being a source of nostalgia when you are old enough to recollect the happy memories, the family dentistry distinguishes itself with many other positive aspects:

  • By having one dentist to fix all your dental issues always turns out to be very convenient for people that do not enjoy travelling a lot
  • The regular appointments and check-ups ensures that you are always at your optimum with that bright killer smile of yours
  • The collective, family experience of having one person taking care of all your dental needs can be intuitively calming. Having a family dentist can have people get overcome their dental phobia and anxiety.
  • Since the family dentist is aware of your family dental history, he is able to be more cautious and calculated in his preventive approach

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