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You may be wondering if you need fluoride treatments. Many times, water is enhanced with fluoride, so additional fluoride treatments are not necessary. However, if your water is not treated, you may need fluoride treatments. You may also need a fluoride treatment if you are showing symptoms like receding gums. You may also want to get treated if you wear braces or are taking medications that cause dry mouth.

Fluoride treatments can be completed at your routine dental appointment. They are painless and quick, taking only a few minutes. When getting treated, your dentist will apply gel, foam, or varnish on your teeth. Treatment works best if it is done one to four times a year.

You may wonder what else you need to do in addition to getting regular fluoride treatments. The American Dental Association recommends drinking fluoridated water and using a toothpaste with fluoride.

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What does fluoride have to do with dental health?

A common query or curiosity may arise in your mind when hearing about this kind of treatment: ‘What does fluoride have to do with how my teeth look?’

You must know that fluoride is essential for two significant purposes: strengthening teeth and preventing cavities. It gives strength and support to your existing teeth and wages war against any bacteria that might be residing in your teeth or gums. This preventive fight against bacteria doesn’t let bacteria thrive long enough to infect your teeth with cavities. There is fluoride in your toothpaste as well. ‘If fluoride is in our toothpaste,’ you might think, ‘then why do I need this treatment?’ This question takes us to our next step: the treatment procedure.

How does the fluoride treatment proceeds?

Usually, in the form of a foam, gel, or varnish, your dentist might pursue the treatment with a brush or a mouthwash. Unlike toothpaste, this gel or foam is highly concentrated in fluoride. This very high concentration of fluoride gives it the name ‘fluoride treatment.’ After applying for a few minutes, your dentist may ask you to avoid eating and drinking for about half an hour to absorb the fluoride fully.

When do I need it and how do I maintain its effects?

It is highly recommended that you schedule such an appointment at least once a year and at most four times a year. Since the risk of cavities can increase with multiple daily activities like poor diet, dry mouth, and poor oral hygiene, it is better to schedule it accordingly.

As toothpaste are rich in fluoride, it can work as a temporary substitute until you have a formal fluoride treatment with your dentist. It is also crucial that you use other fluoride-rich substances as well. These may include increased water intake, tea, and fish. Also, brushing your teeth at least twice a day is imperative. Flossing and brushing can reach those oral places that a brush may not go.

Benefits and potential side-effects of fluoride treatment


  1. It restores minerals to the enamel
  2. It stops the growth of oral bacteria
  3. It prevents cavities from emerging
  4. It benefits both children and adults
  5. Strong teeth
  6. Optimum oral hygiene

Potential Side-effects:

  1. Fluoride poisoning, although rare, can develop through overexposure to fluoride in small children. Hence, many children’s toothpaste is not rich in fluoride.
  2. Extremely dense bones may weaken their strength
  3. White marks on teeth that have matured
  4. Increased exposure to fluoride supplement pills can also result in nausea, excessive sweating, and diarrhea.

It must first be understood that these side-effects are strictly bound to overuse of fluoride application. Hence, you must consult your dentist on how much he thinks you should be exposed to fluoride.

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