Best Dental Sealants in Worth, IL

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Looking For A Dentist Who Could Help You With Dental Sealants?

Here at Worthy Smiles, we are pleased to offer sealants for our patients.

When we apply a dental sealant, we paint a plastic coating on top of your teeth. This makes your teeth smooth getting rid of the rough edges, depressions, and grooves that are commonly found on teeth. It is essentially a protective coating against tooth decay and cavities.

The most common place to paint sealants is on back teeth since they are often irregular. They can also be very hard to reach, even if you brush your teeth regularly. We use it more on children though we do perform sealants on adults too!

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Best Dental Sealants in Worth, IL

Dental sealants are designed to prevent tooth decay, which refers to a thin, plastic coating applied on your teeth’s chewing surfaces. It doesn’t take long for the adhesive to adjust upon the teeth surface and quickly forms a protective layer on the enamel of every tooth.

Sealants are also very useful in ensuring that no particles of food make their way into the nooks of the chewing teeth. If any food particle is left there, it may soon be the source of tooth decay. This is because even though brushing regularly can provide the general cleanliness of your teeth, they cannot access these ‘hidden corners of your mouth.

Who should get sealants?

Sealants have a broad audience, with children and teenagers being more preferred. The reason behind such a broad audience is that an adhesive is easily applicable and solves a common concern of all ages: tooth decay.

Generally, children get their sealants between the ages of 6-14. At this age, they are most vulnerable to an attack from tooth decay.

Although not conventional, babies can also be an expected customer of sealant applications. As the baby will have its baby teeth accompanying him through relatively the first decade of his life, it is thus seen necessary for the baby to have sealant applied to its teeth to ensure healthy teeth.

how are sealants applied to you teeth?

Applying sealant is an easy, simple and painless process. It neither requires long hours or multiple appointments. To begin with, the teeth upon which the sealant is going to applied are cleaned thoroughly. Then, each tooth is dried individually with cotton. Following this procedure, to ensure that the sealants stick well with the teeth, an acid solution is applied to those teeth. After rinsing and drying the teeth, the sealant is applied to the teeth and a curing light is used to harden it.

How long does Sealant last?

Sealants are meant to be durable. If you take proper care of them, they will last you quickly for up to a decade. They are made so durable because, unlike many other dental treatments, sealants aren’t designed to be removed later on. There is, however, the chance that sealants will slowly wear away bonds will wear off faster. Suppose chewing teeth chew on hard food or open bottle ster. Hence, it is necessary that you not only keep regular contact with your dentist but also that you try not to test the limits of the enamel and sealant with demanding jobs.

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